Sample Speaker Contracts

Have You Ever Wanted To Be Paid As A Speaker For An Event?

You’ll need a contract for that.

Recently on one of my LinkedIn groups (Need A Speaker / Be A Speaker) there was a request sent out for a copy of speaker’s engagement contracts that people use.  A group of the speakers responded with their contract samples and the result is a wealth of information for you to use to create your own speaker contract.


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Alfred Poor says:

Michael Matthews: In their book, “Speak and Grow Rich”, Dottie and Lilly Walters have a copy of their “Walters International Speakers’ Bureau Speaker’s Agreement (pp. 225-230). It looks pretty comprehensive and may be helpful to you.

All the best,

Alfred Poor

good content can be hard to find, has anyone used this site?

Thanks for the great and valubale info. Very helpful and to the point. I highly recommend this site for anyone whom want to embark into the Public Speaking Industry or for those whom are promoting Public Speakers.
Thank You , Merci


Excellent idea and very generous. Would anyone have a sample contract I can use between my self – promotor and the speakers I represent? Thank you.


Denise Hagen says:

Very generous of these folks to share. I really liked the variety of examples. Thanks to all!

Thank you for these examples! Very, very helpful!

I found this extremely helpful. Lots of ideas to take away! Thanks for sharing.

Carina says:

Very useful. Thank you so very much for this compilation. Lots of great ideas and to the point.

This was very helpful. Thank you for sharing it.